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About the league

Welcome to the Abu Dhabi Autonomous Racing League - A2RL, where we bring together the exciting impact of AI on our lives and its incredible potential for autonomy.

Autonomy is advancing at a remarkable pace, with the power to redefine how we travel. At A2RL, we're convening skilled teams of scientists, coders and developers from around the world and incorporating cutting-edge technologies into racing vehicles, all with the aim of reshaping the future of mobility through extreme sports.

The Abu Dhabi Autonomous Racing League will establish a series of high-profile autonomous races including racing cars, drones and dune buggies.

Mark your calendar for 27 April 2024. On that day, we'll push the boundaries of autonomous vehicles at the iconic Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi, featuring super formula racing cars. Our inaugural race day offers a glimpse into the future of AI, a thrilling mix of virtual and real-life experiences, and an introduction into a new era of extreme sports entertainment.

While we begin with autonomous race cars, our vision extends beyond, as we plan to delve into the realms of autonomous drones and dune buggies, exploring their capabilities and limits.

Abu Dhabi Autonomous Racing League 2024

Get ready for the ultimate fusion of technology and speed at the Abu Dhabi Autonomous Racing League 2024. Witness the future of motorsports as AI-powered vehicles compete for glory on the track. Don't miss your chance to be part of history in the making. Join us now!"
Join the Future of Motorsports Today! Experience the Thrill, Witness the Innovation.
27th April, 2024
5pm to 11pm
Yas marina circuit
Yas Island, Abu dhabi, uae
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Autonomous Vehicles


Fanzone Program
Time Program Activitiy
17:00 Fanzone Opens Immersive AI Museum, Pixoul Gaming, Junior Karting, Gran Turismo Racing Simulators, VR Gaming, 360 Photo Booth, RC Racing Tournaments, Doodle Car, Food Trucks
17:30 A2RL STEM Race Final of the A2RL STEM Competition

Watch young minds ignite as they showcase their coding skills with 1:8 scale autonomous racing cars at the A2RL STEM finals.

RACE track Program
Time Program Activitiy
19:00 Opening Ceremony Opening Ceremony Presentation
19:15 Race 1 AI vs Human

Experience the electrifying showdown as TII’s team takes on the ultimate challenge: racing against former F1 driver Daniil Kvyat at the iconic YAS Marina Circuit!

20:00 Race 2 Final A2RL Race

Following the qualifier, based on speed and performance, the best teams in A2RL compete in the Final Race

20:45 Podium Ceremony Winning Team’s Podium Moment
Fireworks + Drone Show
21:00 Entertainment Post Race Entertainment
[DJ Andre Soueid]

Autonomous car racing is a rapidly advancing field that combines cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), fast mobility stacks, innovative sensor technologies and edge computing to create high-performance vehicles that can perceive their surroundings, make decisions, and race competitively without human intervention.

Autonomous Vehicles
Autonomous racing is not only a new sport, but it is a platform for research and development in the field of autonomous vehicle technology.
By competing in these events, researchers and engineers can test and refine their algorithms and systems in situations otherwise impossible to reproduce, helping to advance autonomy.

keeps us revving

We’re convening talent, teams and technologies to transform the future of mobility through extreme sports, while building the economy of tomorrow.

THE MISSION we are driven by

Pioneering the
Future of Transport

We push the boundaries at A2RL, stress-testing autonomous vehicles on the racetrack for safety on our roads.

Inspiring NextGen
STEM Talent

Our programming is driven by talented teams - the workforce of the future. Join us in embracing curiosity, reimagining possibilities, reinventing ideas, and re-engineering a brighter tomorrow.

Accelerating Abu Dhabi’s Knowledge Economy

A2RL propels Abu Dhabi into the future, serving as a dynamic R&D hub. We offer an immersive experience into the world of AI, leapfrogging progress and driving the knowledge economy forward.

Creating Impact
Beyond the Tracks

Autonomy is just the beginning of advanced tech exploration. Through research and development, we venture into uncharted territories, with applications spanning across diverse sectors. Join us on this journey to shape the future.

Timeline of
the Autonomous
Car Race

September 2023 Team Forum Launch Autonomous Car Physical Testing Kick Off 16th March 2023 Announcement of League and First Event October 2023 Simulation Phase 1 April 2023 Registration Portal Opens for Teams Expression of Interest November 2023 Car Physical Testing on Circuit – UAE January 2024 Team Car Testing December 2023 Simulation Competition Phase 2 March 2024 Handover and Track Training Commences in UAE April 2024 Team Training and Inaugural A2RL Race – April 27th Qualifying


Taking place at the iconic Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, this event marks the beginning of a series of autonomous vehicle races. The A2RL car race, will showcase the impressive Dallara-built Super Formula cars. Japan Racing Promotion (JRP) has enabled to use of SF23 models for our autonomous race, currently the fastest open-wheel race car in the world after Formula One.

The A2RL car race will showcase the impressive Dallara-built Super Formula Cars.
Prize Money – up to USD 2.25 million
  • 1st
    up to USD 1.5 million
  • 2nd
    up to USD 500,000
  • 3rd
    up to USD 250,000
Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi


With exclusive access to Dallara Super Formula car, Abu Dhabi Autonomous Racing League will be using one of the world's most advanced racing cars that will enable us to push the limits and high speeds of autonomous driving.
The Car


Dallara’s EAV24
  • Chassis is designed to accommodate the autonomous stack (sensors, actuators, computers, etc.)
  • Manufactured from sustainable bio-composite materials


4 Piston Racing K20C1 (based on Honda 2.0l)
  • 4 cylinder, inline
  • Direct injection
  • Turbocharged with intercooler


  • 3MO, 6 speed


  • Front: pushrod type, torsion bar spring, adjustable dampers, third element
  • Rear: pushrod type, torsion bar, coil springs, adjustable dampers, third element


  • Front: Brembo calipers, Brembo carbon discs, electro-hydraulically activated
  • Rear: Brembo calipers, Brembo carbon discs, electro-hydraulically activated


Yokohama Advan


  • Cameras: Sony IMX728, 7 per car, 360° coverage
  • Radars: ZF ProWave, 4 per car
  • Lidars: Seyond Falcon Kinetic FK1, 3 per car
  • Computer (high level): Neousys RGS-8805GC



30 MAY 2023
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1d 18h 34m 43s
Autonoumous Car racing Competition

Meet Our Experts

With decades of combined experience, our judges bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every race. From vehicle engineering and design to driving technique and safety, our panel evaluates every aspect of a race to ensure the fairest, most accurate results possible.
Autonomous racing league jusdge 1

Judge 1

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Autonomous racing league jusdge 2

Judge 2

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Autonomous racing league jusdge 3

Judge 3

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Autonomous racing league jusdge 1

Judge 3

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Notable achievements

Ready to put your skills to the test? Register for our next race and see how you measure up against the best in the business. With our expert judge panel and world-class facilities, there's never been a better time to join the action.

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Autonomous Vehicles Virtual Reality (VR)

VR Experience

The Abu Dhabi Autonomous Racing League is revolutionizing the sports viewing experience with the incorporation of state-of-the-art Virtual Reality (VR) technology during its inaugural race on the 27th of April, 2024.

The ‘A2RL VR’ experience goes far beyond simply replicating a trackside view. Utilizing high-resolution, low-latency immersive video technology, the VR experience will transport spectators into the heart of the action – like never before. The experience allows the projection of a living 3D representation of the Yas Marina Circuit directly into viewers' environments. This innovative technology enables fans to place the track anywhere in their environment, automatically synchronizing with live broadcasts to provide real-time virtual updates alongside the race.

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